Stairs and railings

In the field of the construction of stairs and railings for both indoors and outdoors, our company has been at the top for years in the production of quality items.

Bespoke projects: the perfect mix of design and safety

The construction of stairs is one of the many specializations of our company in Mirano.
We offer solutions suitable for any environment and architectural context: open staircases, helical, elliptical or shaped to meet the tastes and needs of everyone, both those who put practicality first, and those who are looking for innovative ideas. and particularly original.

The direct and constructive confrontation with our customers allows us to create unique structures of their kind and to satisfy the taste of those who live them.

The construction of stairs also includes that of parapets for both indoors and outdoors.
In our catalog there are solutions in wrought iron, stainless steel and glass suitable for example for terraces, balconies, mezzanines and internal stairs.

Made to fulfill their main function, that is to protect the safety of people, our parapets highlight the warmth of painted iron and the beauty of stainless steel, giving the house and the entire building a distinctive, marked and elegant character.